A starting point to make a change...

Future Perfect’s ethos is to create small, intimate personal development workshops that allow space and time for you to develop and gain an insight into the different areas of your life.

You may wish to focus on your life plan, your body, your mind, or your health…..our workshops give you the freedom to choose.

We are pleased to say as of August we are offering in person workshops -  social distancing measures in place and full adherence to Government guidelines.

We will offer Zoom based workshops to people further afield - these will be organised on a required basis.

Find out more about our workshops here.


ZOOM based meditation continues.

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It is truly uplifting and Ali's expertise in her work can inspire you to see you can achieve it!

A refreshing and illuminating session

Ali has such a wealth of experience and knowledge which she so gladly shares with all.

A great constructive workshop, I enjoyed the positive creativity

Recently attended an on-line vision board session with Ali. It was informative and lots of fun. It was lovely to connect with others too and share our recent experiences during this strange time. Ali provided a safe space for us to be open with each other and helped us relax into the session with a wonderful mediation. Thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend.

Carrie Jones

I recently attended Ali's vision board workshop and throughly enjoyed it. I didn't really know what to expect and wasn't sure if it was for me or not! Within the first few minutes I felt at ease as Ali has a natural warmth that helped me relax. I loved doing something different, having time out for myself and refelcting on the past few months. It helped put things into perspective, offered guidance to move forward positively and reignited my spark for enjoying the present day and looking forward to future plans. I literally felt like I had glitter running through my veins afterwards!! Thank you.

Sasha Leek