Aerial Yoga – Meet Freedee

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

Frederique Sardais,  Yoga teacher Yoga Alliance 500 (Yoga Arts, Byron Bay, 2001), Adaptive Yoga teacher and teacher trainer ( Matthew Sanford, Mind Body Solutions, Min, USA)

In 2000 I travelled to Australia to dedicate 9 months to becoming a Classical Hatha Yoga teacher. I have had the joy and privilege of teaching for over 19 years, whilst also having the pleasure of remaining a student and learning from deeply inspiring teachers.

My areas of specialist training are: classical yoga, adaptive yoga (for people living with disabilities, trauma, disconnect) in the lineage of Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions, peri-natal yoga (Birthlight Trust trained), varied yoga therapy modules.

Yoga brings me an incredible tool for self-care, whether to help me manage physical pain, the mental stresses of life, a changing body through pregnancy, living through grief or early stages of menopause, my practice has remained a great source of stability.

At the heart of my teaching is the wish to guide you to a greater place of ease, in body, mind, spirit. All done with a good dose of humour and light heartedness wrapped in years of expertise in my field. This is why I am so passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga with everyone, irrelevant of age, health and social circumstances.

In 2018, I returned to the States with 2 yoga teacher colleagues (Jo Duffin , Suzanne Galfredi) to personally train with Matthew Sanford and the Mind Body Solutions team. We were trained to start offering the Opening Yoga to Everyone professional training in adaptive yoga to teachers across Europe, a training so far only available in the USA.

Our work together is under the umbrella of Mind Body Connections Europe  and in direct lineage of Matthew Sanford’s teachings. In 2019, we are offering teacher trainings in Milan (It), Stoke Mandeville (UK), birthplace of the paralympics.

I’m currently training a a few new modules, yoga based and body work. More well-being options coming up very soon.

I live in Marlow, Bucks with my gorgeous daughter Maellys.