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Our bodies’ only “language” to communicate that all is not well is pain or discomfort or lack of ease..i.e. dis-ease. If we suffer recurring symptoms like headaches, stomach pain, neck or back pain, it’s often a long term accumulation of ‘dis-ease’ due to not listening. Western culture tends to tell us just to ‘get on with’ which has positive elements but not if it’s at the cost of ignoring our body trying to tell us we are off track with regards to our well being. Learning simple new habits and taking time for stillness to really let that part be heard can be life-changing. Dis-ease can also be a mismatch of what’s on the outside vs the inside. I worked with someone recently who externally appeared to have it all......wealth, cars etc but only he and I knew he suffered continual stomach pain, nausea and suicidal thoughts. Listening to his body led to insight, freedom from pain and probably prevented stomach cancer. The pressure that society puts on externals can be overwhelming.

Your first honouring is to yourself...your inside and outside need to match and be congruent most of the time.

To paraphrase Maya Angelou, "No one will remember your expensive outside..they will remember how the ‘whole of you’ made them feel."

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