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When we allow ourselves to take time to focus and listen to our minds wishes as well as our hearts desires , often a very clear ’knowing’ synergy occurs and that is when the science behind manifesting occurs.

Our brains are made up of approx 100 billion neurons with the ability to process and transmit information and electrochemical signals. We all have the most incredibly powerful ‘computer’ in our bodies and tapping into it gives us access to an amazing tool that most of us don’t realise we have.

“AK” knew she didn’t want to continue living in London anymore...she “knew” strongly enough that within 3 days she’d found a place in the countryside with people who shared her values. That led to attending a Future Perfect workshop. She quickly clarified that she would need to quit her job and that travelling for training was her dream.
Within a day she had found and booked to go to Thailand in 3 weeks time. Dreams in the real world need money and planning as well so she called a temping agency and related her circumstances.....the initial response was that she was unlikely to get just 3 was work for her dates.....less than an hour later they rang back to say that one of their regular clients was desperate for someone for exactly those dates owing to their office manager being summoned for jury service!

Already ‘AK’ knew she didn’t want to return from Thailand to the same type of work..her passion lay in becoming a Yoga teacher. A call again that same day to a studio that was behind her regular coffee shop saw her being offered part time work, training and support before and after her travels!

A miracle or just luck you say..not was envisioning her wants and needs and opening up to allowing them to happen.
The power of Psycho-Cybernetics!

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