How to Say No

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June 30, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Perfect Future, The White House
Aston Hill
Watlington OX49 5SG
Ali Gordon-Creed
01844 351561
How to Say No @ Perfect Future, The White House | England | United Kingdom

This one-day workshop will explore and clarify our relationship to our own feelings to do with setting boundaries and saying no. Attendees will explore their messages and modelling to do with having permission to express feelings of discomfort or disagreement and will practice creative ways of doing so.

Saying no or expressing an opinion or emotion at odds with someone else or a collective environment is often taboo and / or frightening. Many of us are afraid of doing so and are therefore unable to tap into its positive uses.

The workshop aims to encourage you to make friends with your right to express yourself in ways that are beneficial to you, to have fun with doing so, to create a greater level of self-awareness and to provide you with creative tools to take with you for future use.

This workshop will be the beginning of an exploration and Ali will work to the level of safety, trust and experience within the group on the day. She will use judgement as well as the groups’ consensus as to how far the group wishes to explore the concepts and new skills.