Our inner energy and how to use it for the greater good

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

In this blog I am going to delve into the topic of energy, and how there is the possibility to create a global paradigm shift.

Nature’s secrets

For many of us, nature feels safe and protective, we relish our time there and feel restored and recharged after being outside. But do we know why?

We do know that we can’t live without trees – they are oxygen-giving and essential to the ecosystem we rely on.

New research is beginning to show that not only do trees impact the air around us but it seems they have the possibility to affect our nervous systems through electrical communication as well. They act as a calming influence to our Vagus System, which animals and children react to immediately and even adults, who are neurologically and habitually less sensitive.

From a scientific and biological perspective, this ‘vibe’ can be explained by looking at our primitive or ‘reptile’ brain – the amygdala. This part of the brain is not concerned with beliefs and thoughts and instead, is merely triggered by senses. It picks up on our body’s subtle signals of whether we feel safe or threatened and it is this part of the brain that we tap into when we are immersed in nature. We are away from the busy, noisy world we usually inhabit and so we are tuned in to our senses. It is now that we can sense how we truly feel. Being in nature increases our production of the calming chemical, serotonin, and this in turn is processed by the amygdala.

Creating coherence

There have been a few examples recently of humans pulling together over a common cause. We saw a huge increase in empathy and shared support during the pandemic – think of the feeling when we clapped for the NHS – and also many countries have joined forces in condemning the atrocities currently being committed in Ukraine. But does this collective belief necessarily amount to anything?

The answer is, it can.

Put simply, if enough humans practised heart coherence – that is by gathering or joining thoughts in some way with a common wish – we can generate energy around this wish or belief.

For example, we might all channel our energy into imagining a more peaceful world, a harmony in our society where positive thoughts and acts outweigh negative ones. Energy, especially when harnessed in this way, creates a kind of ripple effect, and the ‘vibe’ would spread from this coherent group to anyone and anything nearby. Because we are all so connected, we would then experience a direct impact to the quantum field, a sort of contagion of positive energy.

It’s a little like the ‘pay it forward’ mentality. If you receive a positive thought or kind act, you are inclined to act kindly towards others. Kindness is catching, and we love to feel good, both in terms of people’s reaction to us and in terms of our feelings when we please others.

Trust your heart and gut

This concept may sound a little out of the ordinary but I can assure you it comes back to the simple skill of referring to your heart when making decisions. Very few people in this world are truly bad – even less are born wanting to be bad – and so, if we check in with what our core being truly wants, we will almost certainly find kindness and coherence with others.

Try it and see what comes up for you. Our mind may get confused, but our heart and gut never do. It’s time to trust them.

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