The mother tree

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

Connection is everywhere.

Scientists are becoming more knowledgeable about nature and energy and how the two are inter-related. Trees are one of the greatest examples of how energy and connection is happening all around us.

I have read extensively on this subject as, for me, it proves we are all connected in some way, every living thing on the planet shares energy.

I find trees among the most fascinating species in nature. Scientists can now prove that they are connected, both by their underground system of mycorrhizal networks (a snapshot of those mirror the synaptic networks that we have in our brains), which can even distribute nutrients from so-called ‘mother trees’ to others of their species nearby.

They are also connected through the air via chemical messages.

They can send out distress messages, can share they are under attack to give others of their species warning. Mother-trees will nurture their saplings – if a mother tree stands beside a small copse containing more of the same trees, she can send extra nutrients if, for example, they are hindered by a lack of light or by sharing the soil in which they grow.

Knowing this means we can now use nature – and simply the sight of a tree – to remind us of what goes on unnoticed and that we are truly never alone. There are always connections and there is always an energy flow.

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