Weekly Programme


Weekly yoga classes with Caz Yoga - Intelligent Movement through Yoga.

Any ability and beginners most welcome

Mondays 2pm-3pm and Fridays 1100am-1200pm

Spaces limited so please contact Caz to book your place: caz@cazyoga.com / 07817 830390

Caz has been practicing Yoga since her teens, it’s been a driving force in her life for the best part of 25 years and she’s been a teaching professionally since 2008, after graduating with a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma.
Having personally struggled with recovery from major surgery ten years ago, Caz developed the Intelligent Movement modality to help herself and then others to work with their bodies and return to a pain free state.
Students and 1-2-1 clients come for support in recovering from a wide range of injuries and common ailments. Sessions are accessible to all and sympathetic to the needs of the individual.
Caz’s teaching journey has seen her dive into the world of fascial anatomy in movement and soft-fix dissection to build a broad working knowledge of the human body in structure and function.
This learning journey has enabled her to create a modality which aims to free up scar tissue from operations or injury, restore range of movement to stiff or stuck joints, relieve back pain and assist with the wide range of ailments. Coupled with Yoga, the end result is a system which combines ancient wisdom with modern movement, manual fascial release and cutting edge anatomical knowledge.

Find out more about Caz's yoga classes by clicking here.



Weekly pilates classes with Masters Pilates

Starting in September 2019

Tuesdays 6-7pm

Please contact Sam Masters to book you place: Masters_12@hotmail.com

Find out more about Sam's pilates classes by clicking here




Award-Winning Holistic Therapies – Holistic Massage Therapy and Reiki/Energy Healing

Imagine a world where you come first. No to-do list, no deadlines; just you, your needs and someone whose priority is your well-being.

This is Nurturia. A place where your needs matter. A place where body, mind and spirit are nurtured. A place of healing.



My name is Ria Barlow and I'm a highly qualified and award-winning Holistic Therapist. I created Nurturia to realise my ambition of living a more fulfilling life, helping those in need. As a Holistic Therapist, I treat my client as a whole, taking into account their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as their physical body. The holistic approach aims to restore balance within the body. Using this method, I create treatment plans that are specifically tailored to each of my clients. I offer three types of massage and Reiki/Energy Healing. In September 2019 I competed with around 40 other Massage Therapists at The National Massage Championships in the Swedish/Deep Tissue category. I was over the moon to be awarded 3rd place! The championships are a prestigious competition that showcases the talents of bodyworks across the country.

I offer Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and my signature Nurturia Massage. For more info and prices please see my website nurturia.co.uk

Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki is a simple yet profound Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. It can be deeply transformative and regular treatment can be extremely beneficial to the overall health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. For more info and prices please see here nurturia.co.uk

With an emphasis on pure relaxation I aim to create a safe space where you can shut the world out and give yourself some proper, unadulterated 'Me' time. You deserve it!

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, invigoration, pain relief or just sheer indulgence Nurturia for you.

I’m currently offering new clients £10 off their first treatment. I also offer a great loyalty discount and package deals to make regular sessions more affordable. Please see here for more details www.nurturia.co.uk/specialoffers

Prices include a full and free consultation at your first visit, plus follow up discussions and aftercare advice where beneficial.

Contact me for more info or book an appointment: Email: getintouch@nurturia.co.uk Tel: 07833 457152







Kate Mills is able to offer Massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage (if anyone is pregnant of course) or Pranic Healing sessions and Crystal Ant-ageing Facials.
'Hello my name is Kate Mills and I treat people who suffer with chronic illnesses, physical, emotional and mental imbalances in the body like Depression, Anxiety, Dementia and Alzheimers and also treat people who have addictions. It is using a system called Pranic Healing which is non touch and very relaxing. I also run relaxation sessions in Bourne End on a weekly basis. I am also a highly qualified holistic beauty therapist with over 18 years experience specialising in Pregnancy Massage, Anti-ageing Crystal Facials, Pranic healing and Reflexology. I coach people better!'
Contact Kate to book your treatments - katecasmiramills4@gmail.com and find out more about Kate here.



Brenda Bradford is a Reflexologist

Brenda qualified as a Reflexologist in 2005 at the Oxford School of Reflexology. Her first placement was at a spa in Reading for 18 months, as well as working peripatetically in people’s homes.

In 2009 Brenda moved to Brighton, working full time as a tutor and trainer for a private company, but carried on with reflexology after work and at weekends and took a course in Thai foot massage to extend her repertoire.

Now having returned to Oxfordshire Brenda is starting out as a local Thame therapist. She is a dedicated Reflexologist offering a menu of therapy combinations using Reflexology and Indian head massage for a total relaxing state, and Hot stone Reflexology for deep release of tension and restoring balance.

Interested in a holistic approach, aware that all systems are interlinked Brenda looks at lifestyle, diet and fitness to balance the system. To book a treatment with Brenda please email brendabradford@gmail.com