What does abundance mean to you?

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

What does abundance mean to you?

Messages that we receive in our unconscious mind as children have everything to do with our feelings towards abundance as adults.

Abundance can be associated with negativity – words like “greed,” “selfish,” “scarcity.”

Or abundance can be associated with positivity –  “plenty,” “joyfulness,” “freedom.”

Most people go through life not realising what they associate with money, abundance and success. This is something worth exploring because the messages that you received as a child will have been absorbed when you were so young that you won’t have had the opportunity to understand them, reflect on them and perhaps change them.

A short exercise that can begin the process of understanding what abundance means to you is this:
  • Grab a pen and paper.
  • Draw two columns
  • In the first column write as many family names as you can.
  • In the second column write down the messages on money and abundance that you might have absorbed by what the family member said or by what they modelled.
  • Now take 2 highlighter pens so you can differentiate between the positive and negative.

Take a moment to review – does this unlock some understanding of your feelings with abundance?

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