Which story will you choose?

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

We all have an inner dialogue. A story we replay repeatedly when we feel the need for the security it brings us. This scenario might sound comforting and reassuring but, in fact, this  story is often borne out of trauma and replaying it is our brain’s well-meaning, but less-than-constructive, way of keeping us safe.

It is well documented that life experiences before the age of eight can become ‘beliefs’ which impact us when we are adults. If a child feels they haven’t been loved this can manifest that they aren’t deserving of love.

Our brains are clever at filtering information and can make us feel alone and isolated when we are far from that.

I personally grew up with a belief that I was a misfit, unloved and didn’t really belong. For most of my adult life when I was alone the story my brain automatically went to was confirming that childhood belief which felt like a truth.  My belief is that it is possible for all of us to create our own stories that become felt truths inside of us. The original ‘truths’ were formed with a child’s capacity to make sense of the world and so tend to be negative but as adults we have choice so we may as well choose good stories because they are as ‘true’ as the bad.

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