While I can…do!

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Have you set a challenge for 2020? My personal mantra is “While I can…do!”

I am a great believer in embracing challenges outside of my comfort zone and I love this quote:








I stepped way out of my comfort zone on a recent holiday to Morocco. Sitting by the pool I watched in awe as guests tried out the trapeze! My mantra “While I can…do” got me up there, taking my turn!

Was I scared? Yes

Did I doubt myself? Yes

Was I the oldest woman ever to try it? Yes

Did I do it…Hell yes!

Click the picture below to watch the video!

The key to achieving a challenge that is outside of your comfort zone is to break it down into steps. For the trapeze:

Step 1 was climbing the unsteady, and very high ladder.

I did it!

Step 2 was holding onto the bar with one hand, whilst the other clung onto the frame.

I did it!

Step 3 was trusting the expert to hang on to me whilst I let go and held on to the bar with 2 hands.

I did it!

Step 4 was letting go and swinging.

I did it!

Wow what a feeling – I felt euphoric, proud and knew I wouldn’t arrive home with that regretful feeling of “I wish I had tried….”

Having a support network around you to achieve your goals is essential. Whether it is a family member, friend or colleague who is there to encourage, listen to your fears and cheer with you when you achieve.

Forbes.com shared a great article on why you should get out of your comfort zone – you can read the full piece here but I liked this 4 reasons especially:

  1. Other people are scared too
    • Somehow we think it’s only us that’s scared…..it’s not!! You really aren’t alone in this
  2. There is no better way to grow
    • Push yourself and you will grow. Guaranteed. And it feels great!
  3. Each milestone makes it easier to tackle the next
    • Success breeds more success thanks to the confidence, experience, learning, and determination it inspires.
  4. You will become more resilient and prepared for whatever comes your way.
    • Life can be tough – unexpected events can (and will) pull you out of your comfort zone so if you willingly leave that ‘bubble’ life’s ups and downs will feel less extreme



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