About Ali

Ali Gordon-Creed - BA(hons) MSc (Psychology) DC MMCA AMC Dip Counselling (BAC accredited) - trained as a psychotherapist and person-centred counsellor from 1986-1996 and has over 25 years experience in the personal development field. She has taught at the Metanoia Psychotherapy Training Institute, at the University of Surrey Adult Development Programme, and co-founded and directed Experiential Events in Oxford. She has run workshops in Spain, Italy and the UK.

Future Perfect Workshops have been devised by Ali to support personal development of both mind and body and soul.

The 'flagship' Vision board workshops were devised after Ali was introduced to Psycho-Cybernetics in her early twenties as part of her Psychotherapy training and has used the practice ever since to achieve her goals. When she realised how powerful and successful applying the principles was, she developed a workshop to facilitate the process for others.

Ali Gordon-Creed
This creative mechanism within you is impersonal. It will work automatically...to achieve goals of success and happiness, or unhappiness and failure, depending upon the goals which you yourself set for it
Pycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell MaltzM.D., F.I.C.S