Gallery & Testimonials

Ali's workshop was a delightfully relaxing way to reflect on what is important to me at this point in my life. I enjoyed paying attention in such a playful way.

A refreshing and illuminating session, providing me with an effective way of sorting priorities and Setting out positively to achieve goals.

Fiona Dobie

I really enjoyed the Future Perfect workshop I attended. Ali has such a wealth of experience and knowledge which she so gladly shares with all. Her wisdom and positivity made the workshop thought provoking, interesting, relaxing and useful. It was a great opportunity to get connected both with myself and others. Thank you Ali!

Annabel James

I found it an inspiring workshop about the most crucial aspect of life, my life, it regularly gets overlooked, no, probably it's constantly overlooked! I took comfort from the similarities I found when working with everyone in the group, the details were different but some fundamental aspects were the same and it was nice to know I was not alone. My picture worked in two parts and it fits beautifully above my bed so I see every morning and night, which helps me focus on my goals. I've achieved one small goal, a beautiful table filled with lovely items set for entertaining a happy family group, I cheekily borrowed (because I could clearly see it) glasses and decorations and mixed with what I own and made a stunning, sparkly table this Christmas, it helped set the tone for a fabulous day. When entertaining before I've never been happy with the 'make do' table setting that I'd achieved. It felt good to put a mental tick by a goal, and that drives me on for more! A great constructive workshop, I enjoyed the positive creativity, and love that it is still with me in my pictures, to remind and inspire me for the months to come.

Rachel Collinson

This workshop makes you visualise what you want to achieve and wish for in your future. Ali's stories of true situations of her life experiences captivates you into believing it is possible to have the good things in life. Working with each other in the group makes you enthusiastic and excited about discussing your goals and the relaxed atmosphere created with soulful music and Ali's soothing voice gives you a positive feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Creating a collage from magazine cut outs is great fun and allows you to express your feelings visually and is a brilliant way of showing your inspirations to other people. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone that has a vision, who wants to get on with life and fulfil their dreams and expectations. It is truly uplifting and Ali's expertise in her work can inspire you to see you can achieve it! A truly wonderful experience set in a beautiful country home, in the rolling countryside of the chilterns hills.

Jenny Everett

This was my third vision board workshop and every experience has been unique - I love how Ali's expertise helps the group to connect heart and mind and really 'dig deep' to ascertain future goals, wishes and dreams. My vision board is a lovely physical representation of what I discovered about myself during the session. I loved the meditation section and learning from the other amazing ladies who were part of my workshop. Thank you Ali, you are truly wonderful.

Claire Fryer

I loved attending your vision board session. I took so much away and discovered so much about myself too. It was immersive and amazing, a great way to invest in myself and my future.

Emma Rundle

Thank you again so very much for the workshop yesterday.  I found it a really valuable experience, enlightening and deeper than I had expected, which was a good thing, helping me to understand who I am and what is important to me.  Your knowledge and care guiding the session and each of us individually to find what we needed to find within us to be able to create our personal version of the vision board was amazing.  The venue is fabulous and has a very calming peaceful energy to it as do you personally. My vision board is in full view and I will let it do its thing!

Jo Colley-Keyes

Time to Nourish

I have done (and will continue) to do a lot of reflection on last nights session. It was very timely and relevant to the point I am at in my life, and the session felt like ‘coming home’. You have a wonderful ability to make people feel safe, and provide a contained and therapeutic environment. Honestly, thank you. I needed it more than I realised.


I booked on the Vision Board workshop knowing I needed to make some sort of change in my life; less stress and a better work life balance,  but wasn’t quite sure how I could achieve this. I found the process very enjoyable albeit emotional and was amazed that my vision board didn’t include anything about work at all – looking back this was quite telling. My board was full of images of amazing food, holidays, socialising and yoga – it was all of the things that really make me happy!

Within 2 months of the workshop a new career opportunity arose which is a complete change for me and something I would never have expected or even thought of and will give me much more work life balance . My partner has commented how he can already see a difference in me and I haven’t even started yet!  I am excited to see what the future holds!

Thank you hugely to Ali and I urge anyone to go on a workshop and let the magic happen.