Fantastic podcast about neuroscience and the power of the brain

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If you enjoy hearing about neuroscience and the power of the brain I really recommend you make a cup of tea and watch this brilliant podcast of Dr Tara Swart talking to Steven Bartlett on Diary of a CEO.

The ‘blurb’ says:

Have you ever want to change your mind? Well what if you changed your brain instead?
In this new episode Steven sits down with neuroscientist, executive advisor and author, Dr Tara Swart Bieber.
Dr Swart, has a PHD in Neuropharmacology and a past successful career medical doctor as a psychiatrist. From there she transferred into becoming a top level leadership coach, specialising in improving mental resilience in CEO’s and helping them to operate at peak brain performance. Her clients include leaders of FTSE100, Fortune 500 and Magic Circle firms. She is a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan, and the author of the bestselling book, ‘The Source’.
In this conversation Tara and Steven discuss topics, such as:
How emotions are contagious
Neuroscience tricks for love and connection
How Tara uses neuroscience to help leaders
Using neuroscience to handle stress
How stress can make you fat
The way that exercise can combat stress
How the brain cleans itself
The chemical nature of love
How to improve relationships using neuroscience
Why your gut instinct is real
Why the world needs a spiritual revolution
The impact of porn on the brain
How your friendship group impacts your brain and health
The ways to physically change your brain
How trauma can be inherited
How trauma changes your genes
The ways that you can train and strengthen your brain
How exercise can change the brain
The science of the law of attraction and manifestation
Changing the voice in your head
How your thoughts can stop you ageing

You can also listen wherever you get your podcasts – just search Diary of a CEO and scroll to 25/9/2023 episode.





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