The boy and the book

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

I was working in Spain recently and on my short walk to work each day, would pass a boy – maybe a young adult – who stood outside a coffee shop wearing a red jacket and reading a book. Every day. Nothing different.

After three days, I decided not to be a bystander. I approached him to chat and discovered he was Ukrainian, and his mother had managed to ship him out of the war-torn country just before he turned 18 so he didn’t have to fight, or risk being injured.

However, he had nothing, knew no-one, and didn’t feel safe. He knew there was a process in Spain for him to be accepted and find work, but he couldn’t access it without money for travel.

I gave him some Euros and my business card to assure him I was just a concerned human, mother, and friend. I also investigated more connections for him that he could rely on for shelter and support.

A few weeks later he did email, to say he’d found work and we are able to keep in contact my email.

Three years ago, I know I would not have connected with him as I did, I chose to make a heart-led connection and it was the right choice both for him and me.

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