Energy flows where attention goes

Published by Ali Gordon-Creed on

Do you find yourself ‘ranting,’ watching the news, or scrolling through social media and feeling the need to argue, to yourself or to others, about why ‘such and such’ is wrong or ‘so and so’ should behave differently? If so (and we all do it) you are standing in the way of your own progress.

We create our own world and universe with our beliefs and thoughts. What do we believe to be true? What do we choose to focus on today? What do we make happen?

When we have rants and focus on negatives and focus on what’s wrong we are creating a block for ourselves.  Imagine the horrid noise of scraping nails down a blackboard and how that ‘shriek’ makes you feel – you stop, your system freezes.  Negativity is a slow drip version of this; when you focus on what’s wrong you are blocking your ability to be positive. The negativity becomes like a radio station with static in your mind, body and soul.

If you find yourself in this negative spiral, notice. Notice your negative thoughts. Shut your eyes, slowly breathe in and out for 3 breathes and at the same time focus on something you are grateful for – something positive.

You might like to journal or share your positives on social media and ask your friends to do so too.

Do this regularly and you’ll notice things begin to change in your life. Stop the static and allow another ‘feeling’ in.





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